• What We Do

    Pioneers and Innovators

    Ewing Communications was one of the first fully independent communications consultancies in Singapore. Our founder, Iain Ewing, arrived in Singapore in 1984, and fell in love with the vibrancy and diversity that are still the hallmarks of this great country. When the company was founded in 1989, Singapore was a very different place, and we've grown and prospered, just as Singapore has, setting down roots and committing ourselves to the success of our clients and their unique needs, here, in the region, and around the world.

    Charitable Work

    Giving back to the community is ingrained in what we do. Singapore has been good to us, and we try to contribute to society wherever we can. Over thirty percent of all the work we do is pro-bono consulting for non-profit organisations. We've worked with schools, hospitals, charities and social enterprises, delivering on projects both large and small. If you work for an organisation that might need our help, please do get in touch. We'd be glad to assist you in any way that we can. The first step is to ask, so don't be shy! Get in touch today.

  • How We Can Help You


    We provide fully-tailored solutions based on experience and expertise. We've trained clients from over 400 of the leading companies, NGOs and academic institutions in the region, including CEOs, politicians and startups from over 80 countries.


    We use a storytelling approach to make innovative films that inspire, inform and influence viewers on the issues important to them, and beneficial to you. We've worked with universities, businesses and individuals to tell compelling stories that matter.


    We are the the creators of Backpack Filmmaking, the unique course that makes filmmaking accessible to everyone, and focuses on democratising the filmmaking process and increasing the diversity of the stories being told through short films online.

  • Who We Are

    Ewing Communications was founded by Iain Ewing and is now run by his son Tejas Ewing.

    Iain was a renowned authority on communication skills training, an educator, a former filmmaker and an actor.

    Tejas Ewing is a former journalist and author covering social justice issues, an avid filmmaker and film teacher, and the CEO of Ewing Communications. He specialises in creating innovative learning programmes for Individuals, Businesses, Startups, NGOs, Academia, Government and the wider non-profit sector. As a filmmaker, he studied at Prague Film School, and has worked on over 15 short films, including both Award-Winning and Award-Nominated films. His passion is in telling compelling stories that encourage audiences to think about social and environmental issues, and focus on positive changes they can make. His goal is to inspire the next generation of filmmakers to get out there and make films with the tools they already have: passion, an idea and the commitment to work hard and have fun!

  • Get in Touch

  • Reach out for a free coaching session, to learn more about our pro-bono solutions or to simply ask us about anything else you might need!